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I designed this "Alternate" Website to deal with my myriad interests outside of my professional life. While most people know me as a jazz musician and retired college professor, as you will see, I wear many different hats. 

Things I Enjoy

Fly Fishing

Bird Watching

Fly Fishing


Unless you do it, the experience is difficult to describe. It's not about catching fish. It's about being one with the ecosystem. 

Fly tying

Bird Watching

Fly Fishing


A great thing to do in the dead of winter when we in the Northeast tend to be housebound from time to time. Clears the mind.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching

Bird Watching


Not only do I enjoy observing and occasionally photographing birds, I often like the locations that the activity takes me to. 


Tai Chi

Bird Watching


Sometimes a walk in the woods washes away the dust of everyday life and seems to bring me closer to an understanding of certain universal truths.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Tai Chi


Among other good lifestyle habits, I have adopted an ancient Chinese practice called Tai Chi, in the search for effective ways to experience positive outcomes in the all-important life aspects such as overall health and well-being. 


Tai Chi

Tai Chi


Although my musical performances and teaching assignments have taken me all over the world for the past 45 years or so, I prefer to set aside for personal travel on my own time and not mix it with work. Recent excursions to points in Western Europe, Russia, and China have been especially edifying and rewarding. Eye opening, to say the least.



I enjoy exploring all forms of ethnic foods. I try to combine that interest with occasional visits to centers of fine dining, with world renowned chefs, huge plates with little bites, artfully presented, and spending an evening simply dining and savoring the flavors. If you want to call me a, "Foodie" you have my permission. 


The Natural World

As music performance and teaching are primarily activities that occur indoors, I find that getting in touch with nature provides me with an overall life balance and gives me a feeling of wholeness.


My neighborhood

I live about 40 miles West of New York City in New Jersey, a much misunderstood state. My area is neither urban, suburban, nor rural, but is an mix of suburban and rural lifestyles. As a result, I have easy access to acres upon acres of open space. This field is about a 10 minute drive form my home.


Traditions that give me pleasure

In early December, I enjoy going out to nearby farms and selecting the perfect Christmas tree, cutting it down, and decorating the home with it during the Holiday Season. The brisk wind on my face, the smell of fresh evergreens, and just taking in the scenery are wonderful experiences.   

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